CD review DISTURBED ‘Evolution’

(8/10) Chicago-based rock powerhouse Disturbed released their latest album ‘Immortalized’ three years ago, which was the first album after a hiatus. The album was highly acclaimed by fans and media, which was a motivator enough for starting work on the seventh studio record.

2018 is the year when it happens – a new longplayer is ready to be shipped. The 10 songs comprising ‘Evolution’ is supposed to continue Disturbed’s successful journey in rock and metal. The longplayer was recorded at The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas and it was ‘Immortalize’ producer Kevin Churko who was at the helm for the newest output also.

It’s the first single release that opens the gates to ‘Evolution’. The song was chosen by fans to be the first single and it’s a great track to start the album with. A powerful modern guitar sound is equally present as melodic vocals and well-done hooks. These three elements do the magic, being heavy enough for metal fans and melodic enough for more mainstream based folks.

The following ‘No More’ puts a strong rhythm into the forefront. The marching beat reminds of Marilyn Manson while some vocal lines made me think of Alter Bridge.

An album like ‘Evolution’ can’t miss a ballad and the first one is called ‘A Reason to Fight’. It’s a soulful moment that leads to the mid-pace rocker ‘In Another World’. It’s not the heaviest track on the album, but it shows Disturbed’s great sense for good melodies in a harder context.

After these two soulful songs, a balancing counterpart is needed. It partly comes back in ‘Stronger on Your Own’ and also later with the crushing ‘Best Ones Lie’, featuring more dominant guitars. These songs are divided be an acoustic ballad, ‘Hold on to Memories’, which is one too many. A single ballad would have done the job too, especially since the heavier tunes are the better moments on ‘Evolution’. The fact that the melancholic ‘Already Gone’ is another touching anthem even emphasizes the impression.

‘Evolution’ has some really good and heavy moments, but there are too many calmer songs on the tracklist, screaming for airplay. Why not have more of the powerful moment like ‘Are You Ready’, also considering the fact that fans obviously voted for more power over more ballads.

‘Evolution’ is a professional alternative rock album that is crafted in an excellent way for a wider target group. A few more edges though could have added to a positive impression. Roaring guitars and thundering grooves are a strong feature of Disturbed’s sound and more of it would have been great.

The deluxe version of ‘Evolution’ comes with four additional songs of which ‘Sound of Silence’ in a live version, features Myles Kennedy as a guest. It’s a heart-warming version that belongs to the better ones, next to the glorious original by Simon 7 Garfunkel and the mind-blowing Heir Apparent interpretation. ‘Evolution’ is a good album and a win, but it also leaves 2-3- runners on base, if you allow me this baseball metaphor.





  1. Are You Ready
  2. No More
  3. A Reason to Fight
  4. In Another Time
  5. Stronger On Your Own
  6. Hold On To Memories
  7. Savior of Nothing
  8. Watch You Burn
  9. The Best Ones Lie
  10. Already Gone
  11. The Sound of Silence [Live] (Featuring Myles Kennedy) (Deluxe format only)
  12. This Venom (Deluxe format only)
  13. Are You Ready (Sam de Jong Remix) (Deluxe format only)
  14. Uninvited Guest (Deluxe format only)


Label: Warner

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: October 19th, 2018

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