(8/10) Crippled Black Phoenix is a rock outfit, hailing from Bristol, UK. The band has its beginning in 2004 when Justin Greaves started to outline some first musical ideas which have been the base for Crippled Black Phoenix. The start was more with a project thinking but things evolved and six studio albums saw the light of day up till now.

‘Great Escape’ is Crippled Black Phoenix’s newest longplayer and features rock songs that cover a wide range of styles and sound expressions. It would be too easy to just say that Crippled Black Phoenix is a progressive rock band since their music contains more. Of course it’s the more complex structure of their songs that adds a certain progressive vibe to each of the tunes, but there is more to discover.

‘Madman’ for example is a dark and slowly rolling song with a strong indie and electro-foundation. I felt reminded of the Sisters Of Mercy peak in the 80’s while listening to the tune. The following ‘Times, They are A ‘Raging’ instead reflects the grey mood of autumn with a melancholic expression and a slower pace. The song slowly builds up along the way without losing the original motive of an underlying wistfulness.

Crippled Black Phoenix, a band consisting out of nine musicians, created a world of sounds that unleash the beauty of darkness and greyness by using big melodies. This album crosses genres; from the psychedelic Pink Floyd days, via the gloomy Sisters Of Mercy to progressive post rock, all is embedded in this album. If you would like to listen to music with emotional depth, it is this album I can recommend.





  1. You Brought It upon Yourselves 
  2. To You I Give 
  3. Uncivil War (pt. I) 
  4. Madman 
  5. Times, They Are A ’Raging 
  6. Rain Black, Reign Heavy
  7. Slow Motion Breakdown 
  8. Nebulas 
  9. Las Diabolicas 
  10. Great Escape (pt. I) 
  11. Great Escape (pt. II) 
  12. An Uncivil War, Pt. I & II  (bonus track)
  13. Hunok Csataja (bonus track)


Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Dark Rock

Release Date EU: September 14th, 2018

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