DVD review TARJA ‘Act II’

(9/10) Following Tarja’s ‘Act I: Live in Rosario’ release from 2012, the Finnish singer has the next chapter ready to be shared with fans and the world. ‘Act II’ is the continuation of Tarja’s successful first live album and it comes in two chapters.

‘Act II’ comprises of  ‘Metropolis Alive’; an intimate show at Metropolis Studios in London. The event took place in summer 2016, two months prior to release of ‘The Shadow Self’ and features a 75 minutes session. It’s doesn’t come as a surprise that half of the songs are taken from the ‘The Shadow Self’ album, spiced up with some classics of the former Nightwish singer. ‘Until My Last Breathe’ and ‘Die Alive’ are tunes that are very well known and it’s the unusual environment and the unique atmosphere of this special concert that make these tunes shine even brighter. Kept in black and white, the concert film allows you to be part of a special Tarja show that feels like the Finnish singer playing right in your living room. The connection between musicians and fans can’t be much closer than with this live show. No gimmicks. No Frills. Just great music played in front of a handful of fans.- that’s what the first DVD is about.

The second chapter of this release shows Tarja in another context. It’s the concert, played at Teatro della Luna in Milan in November 2016, that was recorded and filmed. The setlist is wider than what was performed at Metropolis Studios and also includes Nightwish classics such as ‘Slaying the Dreamer’ as well as a representative overview of Tarja’s solo highlights. Next to different setlist the DVD comprises of a Tarja concert that can be seen as a counterpart to the London recording. A bigger venue, a much bigger stage and digital backdrop projections intensify each of the songs performed in Milan. It’s amazing to see Tarja on stage in two totally different setups, with the great songs and Tarja’s passion and musical savvy keeping things together.

Last but not least the DVD/Blu-Ray comes with some bonus stuff, which is in this case an interview session with Tarja and band members plus photo galleries.

‘Act II’ is a comprehensive live release of one of the best female singers in rock and metal. The Finnish soprano has a huge fan base that started to grow in the Nightwish-days, but became even bigger with Tarja being a solo artist with music that makes entirely use of her wide vocals range and musical sensitivity. ’Act II’ is for sure a nice treat for Tarja fans as well as it will gladden everybody that is passionate about female-fronted symphonic metal.





Filmed at London’s Metropolis Studios, June 6, 2016

  1. No Bitter End
  2. Eagle Eye
  3. Sing for Me
  4. Love to Hate
  5. The Living End
  6. Medusa
  7. Calling from the Wild
  8. Victim of Ritual
  9. Die Alive
  10. Innocence
  11. Until My Last Breath
  12. Too Many

Filmed at Milan’s Teatro della Luna Assago on November 29, 2016

  1. Against the Odds
  2. No Bitter End
  3. 500 Letters
  4. Eagle Eye
  5. Demons in You
  6. Lucid Dreamer
  7. Shameless
  8. The Living End
  9. Calling from the Wild
  10. Supremacy
  11. Tutankhamen, Ever Dream, The Riddler
  12. Slaying the Dreamer
  13. Goldfinger
  14. Deliverance


Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Release Date EU: July 27th, 2018







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