CD review OBSCURA ‘Diluvium’

(8/10) Obsurca is mainly the brainchild of guitarist and vocalist Steffen Kummerer who founded the band in 2002. Next to the founder, Obscura today is Rafael Trujillo (g), Linus Klausenitzer (b) and Sebastian Lanser (d). This quartet recorded Obscura’s fifth longplayer. ‘Diluvium’ is the final chapter of a four-album conceptual journey and includes eleven new songs.

Kummerer and bandmates didn’t stand still when it comes to sound and songs. The death metal outfit evolved the progressive death metal and shifted it to a next level. Polyrhythmic elements, filigree solo parts and an excellent growls represent a band that utilises the achievements of the past, using those as a springboard for a further fine-tuning of their music. 

‘Diluvium’ is an album that took two years of songwriting, recording and production. The result shows that the time was well invested. With attention to detail Obscura created songs that are demanding for musicians as well as for listeners. This record isn’t musical fastfood. ‘Diluvium’ is a musical curveball. It takes time and some rounds on the turntable before the album unfolds it’s dark and aggressive beauty.

‘Mortification of the Vulgar Sun’ with its twists and breaks, but also the brute and straight-forward ‘Ekpyrosis’ are complex masterpieces. What Obscura managed to achieve is the approachability for fans, even the ones like me that aren’t musicians. It’s impressive to listen to all the creative twists and turns, constantly surprising you along the way. 

All in all I can state that ‘Diluvium’ is an album that takes time and focus. As well as the band paid attention to detail, it’s Obscura fans that should avoid all distractions while diving into the musical spheres of ‘Diluvium. This album carries good stuff for mind and heart.





  1. Clandestine Stars
  2. Emergent Evolution
  3. Diluvium
  4. Mortification of the Vulgar Sun
  5. Ethereal Skies
  6. Convergence
  7. Ekpyrosis
  8. The Seventh Aeon
  9. The Conjuration
  10. An Epilogue to Infinity
  11. A Last Farewell (Bonus Track)


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Release Date EU: July 13th, 2018


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