CD review CRYSTAL VIPER ‘At the Edge of Time’ – EP

(7/10) Crystal Viper is the brainchild of Polish singer Marta Gabriel who started the band back in 2003. After some first studio albums it was some health issues that stopped Gabriel from working with Crystal Viper for some time.

The singer returned with her traditional metal outfit in 2017, releasing with ‘Queen of the Witches’ a new studio album. The longplayer was received very well and it’s a new EP entitled ‘At the Edge of Time’ that should keep the metal fire burning bright.

The release features five songs, a tracklist that includes an English and Polish version of the galloping title song. Furthermore you get an alternative version of ‘When the Sun Goes Down’, taken from the latest full-length album. With ‘When You Are’ the 10″ comes with a second new song, a dramatic one. Last but not least it’s ‘Tell Me Why’, a cover version of a Quartz song that ends a well-crafted intermediate release of Polish metal traditionalists. ‘At the Edge of Time’ is a vital sign that helps to keep the fans to handle the wait till a new full-length record will hit the shelves.





  1. At the Edge of Time
  2. When the Sun Goes Down (Giallo version)
  3. Zwiastun Burzy
  4. When Are You
  5. Tell me Why (Quartz cover)


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: June 29th, 2018

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