CD review FATES WARNING ‚Live Over Europe‘

(9/10) Fates Warning belongs to the real pioneers of progressive US metal. Jim Matheos and band mates never reached a status of playing huge arenas which is probably one secret of the band‘s excellent music. Fates Warning is a band that achieved a lot. Twelve full–length studio albums speak a clear languages and the fact that none of these albums was a downer shows the musical quality and savvy of this brilliant quintet. Fates Warning always followed their heart when it comes to music. The band was and is resistant when it comes to trends. Matheos and Co. cultivates their music and lift it to a next level with each new record they release.

A bit of a gap have been live releases. It was 20 years ago when ‚Still Life‘ saw the light of day and since then no live album has been released (not considering the 2017 ‚Awake the Guardian Live‘ release in the oldschool line–up). The gap will be closed end of June when ‚Live Over Europe‘ will act as a new treat for progressive metal fans. The double CD release comprises of 23 Fates Warning songs, which cover the entire creative portfolio of the metal titan‘s Ray Alder era. New songs such as ‚SOS‘ and ‚From the Rooftops‘ are present as well as you can enjoy live versions of earlier highlights. ‚Silent Cries‘ and ‚Point of View‘ are two of these fabulous earlier songs any Fates Warning setlist needs to include. What‘s missing though is the pre-‚No Exit‘era, which isn‘t a too big thing due to the mentioned ‚Awake the Guardian Live‘ release.

‚Live Over Europe‘ was recorded during the band‘s most recent Europe tour, which took place in the beginning of 2018. The concerts in Athens, Aschaffenburg, Belgrade, Thessaloniki, Rome, Milan, Budapest and Lublijana have acted as a base for this 23 songs covering live album and it was no less than Jens Borgren who mixed this fantastic live album.

Fates Warning releases with this new album an exquisite live record. It features songs that belong to the best progressive metal ever brought up to surface and maybe it‘s the underground cult status of Fates Warning that still allows them to follow their musical heart instead of being influenced by too many outside factors. However, Jim Matheos, Ray Alder, Joey Vera, Bob Jarzombek and Mike Abdow celebrate intensive prog metal in a terrific way, music that is as timeless as beautiful.





CD 1:

1. From the Rooftops

2. Life in Still Water

3. One

4. Pale Fire

5. Seven Stars

6. SOS

7. Pieces of Me

8. Firefly

9. The Light and Shade of Things

10. Wish

11. Another Perfect Day

12. Silent Cries

13. And Yet it Moves

CD 2:

1. Still Remains

2. Nothing Left to Say

3. Acquiescence

4. The Eleventh Hour

5. Point of View

6. Falling

7. A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Pt. IX

8. Through Different Eyes

9. Monument

10. Eye to Eye


Label: InsideOut Music

Genre: Progressive Metal

Release Date EU: June29th, 2018

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