CD review NECRYTIS ‘ Dread en Ruin’

(6/10) After having released the debut in 2017 US metal band Necrytis worked on a next album. The work’s accomplished and ‘Dread en Ruin’ is ready to be shipped to the record stores.

Some of the tracks on this album are done quite well. One of them is the eight minutes long ‘Call Us Insanity’. Now, it’s not really ‘insane’ what you get with this track, but it is well-done power metal from the US. Heavy riffs and some more melodic sections interact in a good fashion and the faster solo parts can spread some pleasure. However, there are moments when things sound a bit dusty. The opener and first single release ‘Starshine’ is one of these songs. Not that it’s a bad one. It’s just a bit too old-fashioned and also the second track, ‘Necrytis’ doesn’t belong to the inspiring pearls on this album.

‘Blood in the Well’ is a first step towards the good. The pounding metal track with its calm middle section shows that the band can do much better than the impression you get by the first two songs.

‘Dead en Ruin’ is a power metal album that has some good moments. It’s neither rocket-science nor it wows from start to end. It’s underground metal, based on more traditional sounds that are not new, but generally done in a rather good fashion.





  1. Starshine
  2. Necrytis
  3. Blood in the Well
  4. Call Us Insanity
  5. Odyssey Divine
  6. Heresiarch Profane


Label: Pure Steel Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: June 29th, 2018

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