CD review KING HEAVY ‘Guardian Demons’

(8/10) ‘Guardian Demons’ is King Heavy’s next studio album, following the 2015 debut ‘King Heavy’. The sophomore record comprises of six songs with roots in traditional  doom metal. King Heavy was founded back in 2009 by former Procession founder Daniel Perez Saa and Luce Vee.

The quartet is not looking for the quick outs. These guys appreciate long and epic sound experiences in slo-mo pace. The masterpiece of the album is placed in the second half of the album and is entitled ‘Come My Disciple’. This ten minutes epos shows the inspirational forces of bands like Candlemass and Black Sabbath. Heavily down-tuned riff assaults dominate the scene, kept in slow pace.  Things start dark and oppressive. It’s an evil vibe that introduces you to ten minutes of gloominess. The song clearly states that King Heavy as enough music savvy to create the level of suspense needed for such a long song. There’s not a single moment of thinking about pressing the ‘skip’-button.

Although the quartet bases its sound on doom metal there are some moments when the guys release the breaks a bit. Tracks never get really fast but tunes like ‘Guardian Demon’ shift gears – at least from first gear to second gear.

This album fits perfectly into Cruz Del Sur’s portfolio. Epic doom metal with a decent level of musical skill makes ‘Guardian Demon’ to an album that will surely help the band to widen their fan base.





  1. Guardian Demons
  2. Death is But an Extreme form of Narcosis
  3. Doom Shall Rise
  4. Cult of the Cloven Hoof
  5. Come My Disciples
  6. As in a Nightmare


Label: Cruz Del Sur

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: June 22nd, 2018


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