CD review ÁRSTÍÐIR ‘Nivalis’

(8/10) Árstíðir is a rather unconventional band when it comes to Season Of Mist’s portfolio. The label, known for extreme metal bands like Destroyer 666 and Mayhem, will release an album that’s different. Actually it’s not even metal and a glimpse on the label info sheet says, that this album features “Icelandic Independent” music. Since most of you probably never heard of this style earlier, let’s have a look into what all this is about.

Árstíðir started in 2008 with music that’s inspired by Icelandic folk music. Even though the Icelandic roots play an important role in Árstíðir sound, the band understood to widen their musical approach by adding elements of rock to the mix. Furthermore it’s some progressive moments and an indie touch, both adding additional depth to the music, leading to an interesting sound that is captured so far on three records.

‘Nivalis’ is the fourth album of this extremely creative outfit from Iceland and the songs on this longplayer are the perfect soundtrack for a collage of pictures of the Icelandic landscape. On the one hand Árstíðir’s sound is puristic while being at the same time rich and powerful. Like mentioned, a comparison to Icelandic nature and landscapes is very present throughout. Árstíðir creates soundscapes that are beautiful, nuanced, filigree and sometimes rough, but never harsh.

This longplayer is an experience rather than a simple CD that features music. The 13 songs comprising tracklist represents creative rock- and folk music that might not fit entirely to the music I mainly write about. However, I was impressed by the album and its songs. ‘Nivalis’ is a great album to widen the frames of rock music; if you’re interested in music that’s beyond riffs and power chords.





  1. While This Way
  2. Lover
  3. Please Help Me
  4. Entangled
  5. Like Snow
  6. Þar sem enginn fer (sjálfviljugur)
  7. Circus
  8. Órói
  9. Mute
  10. Conviction
  11. In the Wake of You
  12. Wasting Time
  13. Passion



Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: (Folk-) Rock

Release Date EU: June 22nd, 2018

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