CD review ASG ‘Survive Sunrise’

(7/10) ASG is the acronym for All Systems Go, the original name of this band that started in 2001 in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. ‘Survive Sunrise’ is the first album the quartet releases in five years and it features 12 new songs.

ASG started as a trio playing instrumental songs before guitarist Shi took over vocal duties too which opened some studio doors for recording their debut. Additional longplayers followed and the band could appreciate a constant rise.

‘Survive Sunrise’ is ASG’s sixth longplayer and it’s fuelled by riff power and a dense working rhythm section. It was Matt Hyde at the helm who gave the record the excellent sound needed to let this album shine.

ASG is often referred to as a stoner rock band. Listening to the slower riffs with heavily down-tuned guitars on songs like ‘Weekend Money’ fully supports this classification. Still, ASG is more than solely. It’ a solid portion of rock that comes with each of the songs, which adds an alternative vibe to the songs of ‘Survive Sunrise’.

Most of the tunes are kept in a moderate pace and there are moments when the quartet seem to be in need of an outburst. Such a sonic eruption characterised ‘Up from My Dreams’. Hoarse screams and heavy riffs alternate with slower and more melodic parts which still goes together very well.

To sum up: ‘Survive Sunrise’ is a good alternative rock album, built on ASG’s stoner roots. It comprises of well-done songs, all equipped with a dense and dynamic sound.





  1. Survive Sunrise
  2. Execution Thirst
  3. Up from My Dreams
  4. Lightning Song
  5. Hawks on the Run
  6. The Heaven Moon
  7. Kubrick Colors
  8. God Knows We
  9. Heavy Scars
  10. Weekend Money
  11. Lamb Song
  12. Florida Sleep On
  13. Tied Tongues (Digital Bonus Track)


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Alternative-/Stoner Rock

Release Date EU: June 15th, 2018

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