CD review UNHERZ ‘Fuer immer’

(7/10) German rock outfit Unherz is around since almost ten years, a decade that included 6 longplayers and new one being in the starting blocks.

‘Fuer immer’ is the seventh longplayer and follows the 2017 release ‘Das Volk stellt die Leichen’, which could score a chart entry in the German longplayer charts. Eleven new songs and an intro is what you get with Unherz’ new delivery.

The quartet addresses real-life topics with their German lyrics. ‘Narben im Herz’ is about having scars that are part of everybody’s life, moments that belong to everybody’s life. ‘Seelenfresser’ condemns liars and black & white thinkers. Each of the songs seems to have a personal aspect weaved in and it’s the music that intensifies the message. The music that come with the lyrics is based on (hard) rock with some cross-references to metal. Sometimes heavy (‘Ganz und gar nicht’) and sometimes acoustic (‘Noch ein Tag’), it’s the authentic approach that acts as the glue that keeps songs together on this album.

‘Fuer immer’ is a well-crafted and well-produces rock album. German lyrics might make it trickier to gain fans outside Germany, Austria and Switzerland but maybe you wanna check out something that sounds slightly different. Here you go.





  1. Intro
  2. Ganz und gar nicht
  3. Narben im Herz
  4. Wir alle
  5. Mein Glas
  6. Seelenfresser
  7. Rosen auf meinem Sarg
  8. Noch einen Tag
  9. Viel Glueck
  10. Wir waren jung
  11. Wahre Liebe
  12. Lass sie reden
  13. Fuer Immer


Label: Laute Helden/SPV

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: June 29th, 2018

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