CD review SINMARA ‘Hvísl Stjarnanna’

(9/10) The fact that there‘s a lot of great music coming from Island isn‘t something new. Bands like Solstafir and others are ambassadors of Icelandic metal and here comes another one - Sinmara.  The quintet from the North worked on their sophomore album that‘s now in the starting blocks. ‚Hvísl Stjarnanna‘ offers six new songs,... Continue Reading →

CD review ÁRSTÍÐIR ‘Nivalis’

(8/10) Árstíðir is a rather unconventional band when it comes to Season Of Mist’s portfolio. The label, known for extreme metal bands like Destroyer 666 and Mayhem, will release an album that’s different. Actually it’s not even metal and a glimpse on the label info sheet says, that this album features “Icelandic Independent” music. Since... Continue Reading →

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