CD review SINMARA ‘Hvísl Stjarnanna’

(9/10) The fact that there‘s a lot of great music coming from Island isn‘t something new. Bands like Solstafir and others are ambassadors of Icelandic metal and here comes another one – Sinmara. 

The quintet from the North worked on their sophomore album that‘s now in the starting blocks. ‚Hvísl Stjarnanna‘ offers six new songs, thematically based on myths relating to sirens, ghosts and malevolent spirits.  

From a musical perspective the album is a blackened blast that reflects very much the Icelandic forces of nature. Regardless if you think about the mighty volcanos or the powerful waterfalls, it‘s these elements that are perfectly reflected by each of the six songs. 

‘Crimson Stars’ is one of the hymns to darkness, combining pitch black vocals with sinister riffs and symphonic soundscapes. Another track you shouldn’t miss is the harsh title track, a song that puts a spell on you. It feels like your pulled towards the abyss and it’s the hypnotic pattern that pulls even harder. The title track is the great final of an album that stands out from the rest. Sinmara delivers a sinister and black soundtrack to a journey through a grey and foggy Icelandic landscape. All this allows just one conclusion – Black Metal at its best. 



  1. Apparitions 
  2. Mephitic Haze 
  3. The Arteries of Withered Earth 
  4. Crimson Stars 
  5. Úr Kaleik Martraòa 
  6. Hvísl Stjarnanna 

Label: Van Records 

Genre: Black Metal 

Release Date EU: March 8th, 2019 



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