CD review EARTH MESSIAH ‘Ouroboros’

(8/10) Nine songs and 35 minutes aren’t facts that announces an epically long album. However, sometimes a short story can be far more exciting than a long novel you never work yourself through. 

Earth Messiah, hailing from Gothenburg, premiers with one of these ‘boiled down to the essence albums. ‘Ouroboros’ will see the record stores on March 1st and it’s filled with well-crafted stoner rock. The only little downer of the album is the beginning, since the title track is solely an instrumental with a very repetitive pattern. It’s not a bad one at all but since the album is already quite short, another grooving stoner song would have probably done a better job.

Song number two is such a song. ‘Escape From Reality’ comes with down-tuned guitars and a strong beat. This song rocks. ‘Attention’ reduces the speed but not the intensity, while ‘Trouble Child’ picks it up where ‘Escape From Reality’ left off. The tunes has a bit more a hard rock expression though. 

‘Ouroboros’ is entertaining from start to end and deserves more than just a couple of spins on the rock player. Songs like the dirty groover ‘Always Remember’ are great music that might not be extremely new or unconventional. It’s the more the passion that got into every tone that makes this album powerful and recommendable. Keep on rocking. 



1. Ouroboros
2. Escape From Reality
3. Attention
4. Trouble Child
5. In The Darkness
6. I Am
7. Queen Of The Land Of Tomorrow
8. Always Remember
9. Father Of Fire

Label: Argonauta Records 

Genre: Stoner 

Release Date EU: March 1st, 2019 



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