CD review O.R.k. ‘Ramagehead’

(9/10) Releases through KSCOPE are mostly great, but also not light fare. The label has bands in their portfolio that all have creativity, complexity and great quality in common and O.R.k. fits perfectly into this mix.

O.R.k. is a ‘super group’ if you will. I’m not a fan of such a description but in this case it describes it very well. Composer Lorenzo Esposito teamed-up with Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson), Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) and Carmelo Pipitone (Marta Sui Tubi) to work on ‘Ramagehead’, a full-length album that also features System Of  A Down’s Serj Tankian on ‘Black Bloom’.

The result of this collaboration is an impressive rock album that’s characterized by big soundscapes, a lot of feel and emotion depth. It’s neither an easy-listening album nor it’s an invitation for a sing-a-long. ‘Ramagehead’ is a longplayer that demands headphones and quite some time for a deep dive into each note played. Headphones and time allows you to enjoy a musical journey that knows nine legs.

‘Ramagehead’ is a soulful listening experience, starting with ‘Kneel to Nothing’ and ending with a final chapter entitled ‘Some Other Rainbow (Pt. Two)’. The beauty with this album is that fact that songs are still songs. Individual musical savvy is embedded in a wider approach that’s about songs and compositions with individual musical capabilities being the enabler for music that’s demanding and beautiful.

Lyrically ‘Ramagehead’ follows a common theme by not being concept album. It’s more the overarching topic of “uncertain times and confusing information overload” that comes back in each of these nine masterpieces.

This longplayer is the result of musical passionistas working together on a common project, having the same end result in mind. If you’re willing to invest some time into ‘Ramagehead’ you will be rewarded by an impressive musical experience.



  1. Kneel to Nothing
  2. Signals Erased
  3. Beyond Sight
  4. Black Blooms
  5. Time Corroded
  6. Down the Road
  7. Some Other Rainbow (Pt. One)
  8. Strangeld Words
  9. Some Other Rainbow (Pt. Two)


Genre: Progressive Rock

Release Date EU: February 22nd, 2019



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