WOLF announce a new studio album

The howling of wolves in the Swedish forests already announces it, Wolf return with a new album. It will be called 'Shadowland' and will be available in the record stores on April 1. 'Shadowland' is the ninth album of the four Swedes and the album comes via Century Media. Niklas Stalvind (vocals / guitar) checks... Continue Reading →

Review IRON FATE ‘Crimson Messiah’

One year as Crypteria and since 2005 as Iron Fate, monikers that stand for remarkable power metal from Germany. Goslar in Lower Saxony is the home of a quintet that premiered in 2010 with an album called ‘Cast in Iron’.  If one expected the sophomore album rather quickly might have been disappointed since it took... Continue Reading →

Review BEHEMOTH ‘In Absentia Dei’

It happens more and more that live albums are recorded live streams shows that find some new life through releases, published a few months after the digital event. This time Polish black metal icons Behemoth are the ones releasing a live album that features a streaming concert the band played in September 2020 at Abandoned... Continue Reading →

Review HEMELBESTORMER ‘Collide & Merge’

Hemelbestormer means ‘stormer of heaven’ and is the band name of a Belgium metal band that founded in 2012. The band premiered with ‘Portals’ in 2014 and released two additional longplayers to date. With having three records on their list of achievements, Hemelbestormer has finished work on ‘Collide & Merge’, the next step of the... Continue Reading →

Review MEMORY GARDEN ‘1349’

Founded in 1992, doom metal band Memory Garden didn’t lose any time and released first a demo and then an EP. The full-length premier followed a couple of years later. It was ‘Tides’ that hit the shelves in 1996 and four additional longplayers followed over time.‘Doomain’ was the latest record so far and eight years... Continue Reading →

CRISIX and the metal kitchen

Barcelona-based thrash metal band Crisix recently released 'The Pizza EP' and obviously the guys enjoy food the same way as they value a harsh riff and powerful metal. In a time with long tours and road trips not being the first option, the Spanish metal outfit started to write a cook book called 'Speed Metal... Continue Reading →

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