CD review STERLING SERPENT ‘Sterling Serpent’ – EP

(7/10) Sterling Serpent is a band with roots that go back to the year 2015. Members of King Dude, Bell Witch, Serpent and Terminal Fuzz Terror started the outfit that has with this elf-titled EP a first recording ready to be shipped to the record stores.

The band, hailing from Seattle, Washington, recorded four tracks, reflecting a dark atmosphere and a gloomy vibe. None of the tracks is a light-hearted one. This release with its four songs reflect melancholia and can be described as Dark Rock.

‘Violet’, the opener, states this approach clearly and the following ‘Eternity’ is wistfulness too. Build on a slow pace the tune has a hypnotic expression that makes the listener drown in the endless depth of greyness. ‘Bones’ doesn’t change the general pattern and it’s the closer ‘Evelyn’ being the melancholic ending of an EP that feels like a glimpse into the gloomy side of souls.



  1. Violet
  2. Eternity
  3. Bones
  4. Evelyn

Label: Van Records

Genre: Dark Rock

Release Date EU: August 20th, 2019

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