CD review BULLET ‘Live’

(*/10) It might not be the sound that makes Bullet special and standing out from all the other bands. The quintet from Sweden is rooted in traditional Heavy Metal a la Accept / Judas Priest and it’s the authenticity that makes the band, their performance and their music special. It’s the entire package you get as a fan that makes the difference.

2019 is the year when Bullet tries to capture their powerful live shows on CD, leading to an album simply entitled ‘Live’. 18 songs have been spread out over two CDs, representing 100% Bullet. The album gives a good overview when it comes to Bullet’s deliveries to date and it’s a focus on their latest release ‘Dust to Gold’ that highlights the latest of their studio releases.

It’s a mission impossible for a live album to reflect the entire intensity of a live show, but Bullet does a good job with ‘Live’, an appetizer for visiting a show the next time the guys will be in town.



CD 1:

  1. Uprising
  2. Storm Of Blades
  3. Riding High
  4. Turn It Up Loud
  5. Dusk Til Dawn
  6. Dust To Gold
  7. Rambling Man
  8. Bang Your Head
  9. Hammer Down

CD 2:

  1. Speed And Attack
  2. Ain’t Enough
  3. Rolling Home
  4. Heading For The Top
  5. Stay Wild
  6. Fuel The Fire
  7. Highway Love
  8. The Rebels Return
  9. Bite The Bullet

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: July 5th, 2019



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