Live report BACKYARD BABIES / THUNDERMOTHER, De Helling, Utrecht 04.05.2019

Swedish rockers Backyard Babies are on the road with ‘The Nordic Noir Tour 2019’ and the final stop on this road trip is in Utrecht. De Helling hosts the quartet on May 4th – a day that includes National Dodenherdenking at 20:00, when Holland stands still in two minutes of silence to commemorate the victims of war.

Also the rock fans at De Helling join this minutes of silence, which leads to a really unusual atmosphere upfront a rock show. The silence is broken some minutes later when the official show start is ringed in by the first tones of Thundermother. The Swedish all-girl band joins the Backyard Babies on the entire tour and you can get the feeling that these girls are constantly on the road. All the recent shows bound the band together to a rock solid unit that enjoys playing Rock’n’Roll.

The venue is already well filled when the first tones of ‘Whatever’ fill the room. This is the kick-start to a 45 minutes Hard Rock show that is highly entertaining. Songs, sound and stage performance create a Saturday night party vibe that’s welcomed by everyone at De Helling. Band and fans are enjoying themselves with Filippa Nässil playing the guitar with help of an empty bottle of booze and all four girls being all over the stage with their wild show. Thundermother put the bar quite high for Backyard Babies.

After the usual 30 minutes stage rebuild lights go out again – showtime. Thundermother nailed down a great show and it is Backyard Babies that go the extra mile. More than 30 years in the same line-up allows the quartet from Stockholm to burn down the house and ‘Good Morning Midnight’, taken from the latest album ‘Sliver and Gold’, is the perfect starting point for a 75 minutes Rock’n’Roll party.

Although the opener comes from the current longplayer it was a very balanced set that features songs from three decades with ‘Highlights’ and ‘Look at You’ being the timeless classics from the early ‘Total 13’ days.

It isn’t the 25 degrees summer felling outside frontman Nicke Borg dreamt of, but it is inside De Helling where temperature rises to sauna level and songs like ‘Minus Celsius’ even add some extra degrees. Furthermore Dregen took over vocal duties for ’44 Undead’ and it was drummer Peter Carlsson, together with the restless Johan Blomquist, supplying a rock solid beat – as usual.

Backyard Babies and Thundermother delivered a grooving soundtrack for a Saturday night party that didn’t leave anybody behind disappointed and it’s an easy guess that for some, the show was the start for ‘Rock’n’Roll All Night’.

Setlist Backyard Babies:

  1. Good Morning Midnight
  2. Look at You
  3. Dysfunctional Professional
  4. Shovin’ Rocks
  5. Nomadic
  6. Hlightlights
  7. Heaven 2.9
  8. A Song for the Outcast
  9. Raods
  10. 44 Undead
  11. Th1rte3n or NothingThe Clash
  12. Minus Celcius
  13. Abandon
  14. Brand New Hate
  15. Yes to All No
  16. People Like People Like People Like Us

Location: De Helling, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Date: May 4th, 2019

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