CD review HAUNT ‘If Icarus Could Fly’

(9/10) Haunt is the brainchild of Beastmaker member Trevor William Church who start this Metal outfit two years ago, at least this the time when Haunt premiered with a first EP, entitled ‘Luminous Eyes’.

The first full-length album hit the shelves in 2018 and already one year later the next album is ready to be shipped. ‘If Icarus Could Fly’ is the name of the sophomore release an it comprises of eight songs and he we get to the only downer. 2-3 additional songs would have made this release even more attractive since the running time of 30 minutes is not a long one, for sure.

With having this in mind, the album itself is a real blast. Haunt adds a next longplayer to the books, a record that represents traditional heavy metal that’s built on powerful riffs, great vocal-lines and well-located hooks. Take the uptempo ‘Cosmic Kiss’ as an example. The galloping beat adds a lot of drive while the hooks find an easy way to your mind. ‘Clarion’ is another blistering track that reminds of the earlier days of British Heavy Metal and it’s the moderate paced title track that has more of an anthemic vibe.

To conclude: None of the Haunt releases was a disappointment and also the newest blast is a great longplayer that will find its friends amongst headbangers. Church seems to have a sheer endless flow of ideas that manifest themselves in excellent songs and eight of them ended-up on this album. Looking on the productivity of Haunt during the lat two year I guess there is a lot more to expect in the near future. Great album.



  1. Run and Hide
  2. It’s in My Hands
  3. Cosmic Kiss
  4. Ghosts
  5. Clarion
  6. Winds of Destiny
  7. If Icarus Could Fly
  8. Defender

Label: Shadow Kingdom Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: May 17th, 2019


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