CD review PER WIBERG ‘Head Without Eyes’

(8/10) Swedish musician Per Wiberg is a well-known name in rock and metal. He was part of Opeth, is a member of hard rockers Spiritual Beggars and also Kamchatka is a band he’s part of.

Wiberg can be described as multi-instrumentalist with a focus on guitar, bass and keyboards. The Swede describes himself as a “band kind of guy” and therefor it was a bigger step to record with ‘Head Without Eyes’ a solo album. It was step out of the comfort zone and after having listened to the album several times I have to conclude that it was a great decision of Wiberg to take this step.

‘Head Without Eyes’ features ‘only’ six songs, but no worries, you get a lot of music since the album comprises of two epic moments with more than ten minutes.

The longest track is ‘Anywhere the Blood Flows’ and it’s an interesting one. The tune is based on a rather simple basic theme with a grooving bassline as a foundation. The greatness with this tune is the fact that the hypnotic repetition of the basic theme doesn’t lead to lengthiness. It’s more that the listener gets into a certain status of trance before the song slightly shifts in the second half. Things get more psychedelic and calmer, adding a new aspect to this exciting composition.

“Fader’ is the second song with an extraordinary length. The closer is a calm and piano-/keyboard based track that faces an outburst in the last third when things get loud and heavy. Next to these two milestones it is ‘Get Your Boots On’ with its gloomy catchiness that belongs to the highlights of a really exciting solo album that challenges the frames of rock music.

‘Head Without Eyes’ is a true solo album since Wiberg handled all instruments and vocals himself. The only support he got was for drums, done by Karl Daniel Lidén and Lars Sköld. ‘Head Without Eyes’, that’s non-conformity and individuality, an album done by a creative mind who has the ability to translate creativity into cool songs.



  1. Let the Water Take M Home
  2. Anywhere the Blood Flows
  3. Pass on the Fear
  4. Get the Boots On
  5. Pile of Nothing
  6. Fader

Label: Despotz Records

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: May 10th, 2019



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