CD review DANKO JONES ‘A Rock Supreme’

(9/10) In case you read some of my earlier reviews you know that Toronto belongs to my favorite places. The Canadian metropole, also home of the Blue Jays, is the homebase of quite some rock- and metal bands with Danko Jones being one of them.

The singer and guitarist premiered with ‘Sugar Chocolate 7 in 1998 and never disappointed with any of his albums since then. Danko Jones loves rock music and it feels like he and his band mates have pure rock’n’roll power running through their veins. Especially during live shows it’s a rock’n’roll firework that’s ignited by the three guys.

Not only that the live shows are real energisers, Danko Jones also manages to capture a lot of rock power on their longplayers of which ‘A Rock Supreme’ is the newest one. Not only that this longplayer comprises of exquisite rock songs, it’s also the authenticity and straightforwardness of each of the eleven songs that makes ‘A Rock Supreme’ to what the title states.

‘A Rock Supreme’ features with ‘Lipstick City’ and ‘You Got Today’ real highlights, the latter being an uptempo smasher that should be on any future setlist. The opener is another highlight and sums up Danko Jones’ mindset in a great fashion. “I’m in a band and I love it”, that’s how the song starts and it says it all. The trio loves what they are doing, playing in a band and having a good time. It’s this spirit that carries each of the songs on ‘A Rock Supreme’

If you need an energiser or if you’re in need of some excellently crafted rock songs I can recommend ‘A Rock Supreme’. This album fires on all cylinders and belongs to the best hard rocking music delivered over the last few years. The power of the Niagara-Falls transferred into rock music.



  1. I’m in a Band
  2. I Love Love
  3. We’re Crazy
  4. Dance Dance Dance
  5. Lipstick City
  6. Fists Up High
  7. Party
  8. You Got Today
  9. That Girls
  10. Burn in Hell
  11. You Can’t Keep Us Down

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: April 26th, 2019



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