CD review SLÆGT ‘Black Bombs’ – 7″

(8/10) ‘Black Bombs’ is an in between release from Danish metal outfit Slægt. After having released the critically acclaimed ‘The Wheel’ album it’s this two-tracks single release that offers more songs taken from the recording session.

The title track is a blackened metal anthem that sounds extremely well. Heavy rolling riffs, hoarse vocals and a great solo section are key ingredients of ‘Black Bombs’. ‘Wake Dirge’ is the second track on this release and it’s an instrumental. It’s as good as the title track and shows the musical skills of the Copenhagen-based quartet.

‘Black Bombs’ is a nice way to share good songs that unfortunately didn’t get a chance to end on a full-length album. It’s for sure worth to unleash these metal beasts and it comes right in time before embarking on the road with German Ketzer.



  1. Black Bombs
  2. Wake Dirge

Label: Van Records

Genre: Blackened Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 12th, 2019



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