CD review ASTRAL DOORS ‘Worship or Die’

(8/10) What comes to your mind if you read about Astral Doors? I guess it’s Dio, Black Sabbath and more traditional heavy metal. Frontman Nils Patrik Johansson was often compared with the legendary Ronnie James Dio and the voice do have similarities. However, Astral Doors is more than a clone of the iconic frontman and his band

Astral Doors are certainly inspired by the mentioned bands (‘Let the Fire Burn’), but they created their own melodic metal trade marks built on traditional roots. By following their passion the band found a solid amount of fans since otherwise it would have been a mission impossible to stay in business for such a long time.

Astral Doors debuted in 2003 with ‘Of the Son and the Father’ and the newest record is number nine in their discography. I’m tempted to say that not that much changed, which is good news. Melodic Metal meets Hard Rock, that’s what the sextet is known for and it’s what they are best in.

‘Worship or Die’ might not contain the most innovative songs, but heavy pounders like the mighty title track, the catchy ‘Ride the Clouds’ and uptempo smasher ‘Triumph Superior’ are well-crafted and are bursting with strength. Astral Doors supporters and fans of traditional Heavy Metal will like this album. Expectations met.



  1. Night Of The Hunter
  2. This Mus Be Paradise
  3. Worship Or Die
  4. Concrete Heat
  5. Marathon
  6. Desperade
  7. Ride The Clouds
  8. Light at the End of theTunnel
  9. St. Petersburg
  10. Triumph & Superiority
  11. Let The Fire Burn
  12. Forgive Me Father

Label: Metalville

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 26th, 2019



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