BEYOND THE BLACK’s Jennifer Haben joins ‘Sing Mein Song’

One thing’s certain, marketing activities for Beyond The Black are extremely professional. The band of Jennifer Haben could celebrate some success and chart entries with each of their longplayers. Catchy songs and a professional promotion have been the key to success with ‘Heart of the Hurricane’ scoring a top 10 position. It’s the latest longplayer that now comes as the ‘Black Edition’.

Timing of this special edition couldn’t be better since it’s in line with Haben participating in the new season ‘Sing Mein Song’ (the German version of ‘The Best Singer’) on German TV. Timing is everything and planning is perfect.

‘Heart of the Hurricane – Black Edition’ features the original album but includes a second CD with three new songs plus a ‘best of…’ the first two longplayers. A lot of Beyond The Black in the coming weeks.

Album release date: May 3rd, 2019

‘Sing Mein Song’ – Season Start: May 7th, 2019

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