CD review FATAL CURSE ‘Breaking the Trance’

(7/10) Fatal Curse is a new player in the fields of heavy metal and consists of singer Mike Bowen, drummer Chris Bowne and guitarist Dave Gruver. This trio debuts with ‘Breaking the Trance’ in April this year, an album that features seven song. With running time of less than 30 minutes the release is more of an extended EP, but however.

‘Breaking the Trance’ reminds me in many ways to the first EP Night Demon released. Fatal Curse is also totally into traditional Heavy Metal. Inspired by band of the NWoBHM as well as from US acts such as Omen, the trio builds on furious riffs, metal siren-like vocals and hard-hitting drums. Tempo and simplicity rules when it comes to the seven songs. It’s more the energy of power riffs that creates the fascination than sophisticated song structures.

Songs like ‘Gang Life’ and the uptempo title track are a delight for headbangers that enjoy their favourite music played in a spot-on fashion. ‘Breaking the Trance’ reflects the essence of heavy metal. Not more but certainly also not less.



  1. Breaking the Trance
  2. Blade in the Dark
  3. Gang Life
  4. Can’t Stop the Thunder
  5. Chains of Eternity
  6. Priestess of Fire
  7. Eyes of the Demon

Label: Shadow Kingdom Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 19th, 2019


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