CD review LIK ‘Mass Funeral Evocation’ – re-issue

(8/10) Swedish death metal squad LIK have two two records registered in their track record up till now. The sophomore release ‘Carnage’ left the tomb in 2018 and was a successful strike with even entering the German charts.

The album though that paved the way for LIK was the acclaimed debut ‘Mass Funeral Evocation’, which was unveiled in 2015 and came through War Anthem Records. The ten track comprising oldschool death metal record wasn’t available anymore on CD neither you could find a vinyl version in the record stores.

Fueled by the success of ‘Carnage’, Metal Blade Records decided to re-issue the debut. The new version includes all the ten tracks from the debut, plus two live songs, acting as a special bonus.

‘Mass Funeral Evocation’ is a raw and rude death metal album, delivered by the Stockholm-based powerhouse. LIK, in the meantime back to be a quartet, challenge your ears with death metal anthems like ‘Serum 141’, the raging ‘Ghoul’ and brutal ‘Necromancer’. These songs aren’t supposed to take prisoners, a fact that goes for the entire album.

That LIK has more in their repertoire than solely brutal uptempo smashers is proven by the closer. ‘Trails of Entrails’ is a calm and sinister ending, starting with a piano that step by step gets replaced by heavy riffing and vicious vocals. The song stays slow-paced but constantly increases heaviness and has more of an evil outro.

The two live songs on the re-release are ‘Le Morte Homme’ and ‘Skin Necrosis’, both recorded in Sweden. The recording is done very well, leading to an authentic and good sound. ‘Mass Funeral Evocation’ didn’t lose any of its fascination over the past five years. Great death metal from Swedens East Coast.



  1. Serum 141
  2. Le Morte Homme
  3. Ghoul
  4. Death Orgasmic
  5. Sickening
  6. Endless Oceans of Blood
  7. Behold the Beheaded
  8. Necromancer
  9. Skin Necrosis
  10. Trail od Entrails
  11. Le Morte Homme (live)
  12. Skin Necrosis (live)

Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: April 5th, 2019



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