CD review BURNING RAIN ‘Face the Music’

(9/10) If an album/band includes Doug Aldrich on guitar the result can‘t be anything else than a blistering rock record with excellent guitar play as a fundamental ingredient. Regardless if it is Aldrich’s contribution to The Dead Daisies or Revolution Saints, all good bands with great songs in their musical repertoire.

Another outfit, with Aldrich more in the lead, is Burning Rain. The master of riffs found in Keith St. John a great partner in crime. This cooperation of guitarist and singer led to three Burning Rain albums with ‚Face the Music‘ being the newest strike.

Burning Rain‘s fourth longplayer is again packed with great Hard Rock songs. The straight-forward rocker ‘Revolution’  kicks off the album with a solid groove. A great start for sure. ‘Face the Music contains more songs of a similar kind. The single release ‚Midnight Train‘ is such a song, a real rock anthem and musical steam hammer with a lot if horse power.

Other great moments are the ones when the band unveils their passion for Blues. The beginning of ‚Hit and Run‘ is such a moment and even better is the touching blues rocker ‚Shelter‘. Some of these tunes remind a bit of Whitesnake with ‚If It‘s Love‘ being on example. Especially the chorus has some Whitesnake-ish melodies but there‘s also a lot of Great White is integrated in this excellent song.

The earlier Burning Rain longplayers have been a treat for ears and the new one is a successful continuation. It was never easier to ‚face the music‘ than listening to what this album offers – timeless hard rocking music that puts a spell on you. Face the music!



  1. Revolution
  2. Lorelei
  3. Nasty Hustle
  4. Midnight Train
  5. Shelter
  6. Face the Music
  7. Beautiful Road
  8. Hit and Run
  9. If It’s Love
  10. Hideaway
  11. Since I’m Loving You

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: March 22nd, 2019



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