CD review ATTIKA ‘When Heroes Fall’ – re-issue

(7/10) A few days ago I posted a review of Ritual’s “Trails of Torment’ album, which is re-released by Pure Steel Records. Now it’s another band from the ‘90s that benefits from a re-issue of one of their albums. Attika is the name of the band, a quartet that released their ‘When Heroes Fall’ album in 1991 as self-issued tape and two years later as CD.

Unfortunately not that many metalheads know about the album and Attika, which is a pity since the album comprises of some quite good Power Metal. It was other bands like Hexx, Omen and others that got more attention and it’s ‘When Heroes Fall’ that stands for good music but didn’t get enough spotlight to shine.

Now, with the re-release in the pipeline, the album gets a second chance. The beauty with this album is the puristic Power Metal sound. It’s not mixed with too many other genre. It’s neither too melodic, nor it’s too thrash-based or progressive. These elements are more a final spice that’s added, while at the end we’re still talking about heavy metal without frills or gimmicks. Razorblade sharp riffs, a smashing rhythm section and a metal siren on vocals (Robert VanWart) are the pillars and a strong foundation for each of the songs.

This re-release is entirely remastered by Robert Romagna and comes with an authentic sound, which by the way also goes for the live version of ‘Silent Rage’. It’s maybe not the most cleanly and clear sound the album got, but it has a lot of an early ‘90s vibe embedded and that’s what makes it special these days. ‘When Heroes Fall’ is a good US Power Metal album that didn’t redefine the genre at the time but had and has enough substance to shimmer in the metal world.



  1. Filming the Tragedy / Silent Rage
  2. When Heroes Fall
  3. Prisoners of Habit
  4. Hollow Grave
  5. Deliverer
  6. Seventh Sign
  7. The Shame
  8. Black Rose
  9. Silent Rage (Live)

Label: Pure Steel Records

Genre: US Metal

Release Date EU: April 26th, 2019

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