CD review 7 MILES TO PITTSBURGH ‘Revolution on Hold’

(8/10) Dutch hard rockers 7 Miles To Pittsburgh are a rather new band. Being rather new as a band doesn’t mean to be inexperienced. Actually 7 Miles To Pittsburgh consists out of veterans when it comes to rock music. Frontman Andrew Elf has a long track record, performing with Walter Trout for 18 years and also his band mates aren’t rookies either. The beauty with this line-up is the variety of influences each musician adds to the total. Martin Helmantel and Dirk Bruinenberg have a background in progressive rock by being part of Elegy for 7 years and it’s Joris Lindner on drums that adds some grunge roots to the mix by having a history with Komatsu. The line-up’s completed by Remco van Zandvoort. In case you wonder about five names I can tell you that you counted right. The band morphed from a trio to a five piece band, which opens new possibilities for sound and songs.

7 Miles To Pittsburgh is a melting pot of all the influences and as the debut, also the second album features great hard rock that is beyond standards. ‘Revolution on Hold’ builds on the foundation that was set with the self-titled first release but became a bit more layered, also due the new opportunities of an enlarged line-up. It took me a while to find my way into these nine songs and slowly but steady songs blossomed. It’s not the easy singalong hooks that create excitement. It’s more of a step by step experience and the album it grows with each spin.

Tracks I can recommend are the catchy ‘Olympus’, the multilayered ‘Sound’ with its Rush-like structures, followed by the straight-forward rocking ‘Think’. Last but not least you should have heard ‘God Only Knows’, another highlight on a very well-crafted album.

To sum up: Although ‘revolution might be on hold’, the rise of 7 Miles To Pittsburgh isn’t on hold for sure. The band underlines with their second release that they came to stay and each of the songs helps to strengthen the foundation.



  1. Bad Enough
  2. Olympus
  3. I Feel Your Pain
  4. Sound
  5. Think
  6. Brave New World
  7. God Only Knows
  8. Time
  9. Only A Fool

Label: A67 Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: April 5th, 2019



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