CD review BACKYARD BABIES ‘Sliver & Gold’

(9/10) Backyard Babies was never a band that was known for quick deliveries. The quartet from Stockholm instead is known for excellent records that see the light of day in an unsteady pattern. The common denominator of each of the seven albums up to date is the terrific interpretation of hard rocking music, which the guys combine with a great sense for big melodies.

Each of the earlier records is build on the power of rock music and the new album is a continuation of this dirty rock’n’roll spirit. Nicke Borg, Dregen, Johan Blomquist and Peder Carlsson recorded ten new rock’n’roll anthems, delivering 35 minutes of spot-on music.

Let’s have a look on the songs. Should I single out some specific ones? No. Why? Just because they are all good. From the uptempo opener ‘Good Morning Midnight’ to the slower and touching closer ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ each of the tracks has firepower, heart and soul.

These four guys from Sweden have rock’n’roll anchored in their DNA and Backyard Babies is one outlet for this passion. These guys are unbeatable when it comes to hard rock and they set with ‘Sliver & Gold’ the standards for 2019’s rock. Stop reading, start listening.



  1. Good Morning Midnight
  2. Simple Being Sold
  3. Shovin‘ Rocks
  4. Ragged Flag
  5. Yes To All No
  6. Bad Seeds )
  7. Undead
  8. Sliver And Gold
  9. A Day Late In My Dollar Shorts
  10. Laugh Now Cry Later

Label: Century Media

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: March 1st, 2019



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