CD review TWISTED TOWER DIRE ‘Wars in the Unkown’

(8/10) The early ‘90s were for sure not the best moment to start a band. The heyday of the previous decades cooled down and other rock and metal styles gained momentum. Twisted Tower Dire started in this period and tried to conquer the world with their NWoBHM-inspired heavy metal.

The fact that the band’s still around and released five record up to date shows that they weren’t on a mission impossible. The US-based quintet revealed their latest longplayer back in 2011 and ‘Make it Dark’, dedicated to their singer Tony Taylor, who died in a motorcycle accident, felt almost as an omen for the band. Although the band continued playing live, work on the new album wasn’t in focus and it took eight long years until fans can welcome the anticipated new metal strike … and here it is.

‘Wars in the Unknown’ gets with ‘The Thundering’ out of the boxes very well. There is no doubt where the sources of inspiration are located. It’s the spirit of the NWoBHM that had more than an impact on Twisted Tower Dire.

Songs like the uptempo ‘Tear you Apart’ will be a treat for fans of traditional heavy metal. A song in the same spirit but slightly more hard rock oriented is the midtempo anthem ‘And the Sharks Came Then’. The galloping ‘Riding the Fortress’ doesn’t take any prisoners either and it’s the great ‘These Ghost Can Never Leave’ being the closer of a cool oldschool longplayer.

Twisted Tower Dire’s newest longplayer is a refreshing one with music that acts as a sonic time machine with a few stops in the mid-eighties. Enjoy the ride. It’s a good one.



  1. The Thundering
  2. True North
  3. Tear You Apart
  4. Light the Swords on Fire
  5. And the Skarks Came Then
  6. Riding the Fortress
  7. Eons Beyond
  8. A Howl in the Wind
  9. The Beast I Fear
  10. These Ghosts Can Never Leave

Label: No Remorse Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: March 15th, 2019



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