CD review WHILE SHE SLEEPS ‘So What?’

(8/10) The first time I could listen to While She Sleeps was when the guys opened for In Flames many moons ago. Already at that time the music was fascinating, combining many different aspects – from metalcore screams to melodic choruses.

It’s this width that adds excitement to the new album also. ‘So What?’ is While She Sleeps’ fourth studio record and it follows the successful ‘You are We’ album. The new longplayer features eleven new songs that basically build on the same principles as the earlier albums and need to prove that they are as good as the ones from the predecessor.

Most of the key-ingredients of While She Sleeps’ music are basically represented by the opener and first single ‘Anti-Social’. The sound of barking dogs is followed by a heavy riff before things evolve to a dark and aggressive rock song with a calmer middle section. And still there is enough room for melodies and harmonies.

Modern metal sounds dominate the catchy ‘Inspire’, while it’s the title track kicks in like a sonic wrecking ball. A tune that’s slightly different than what the rest album is all about is ‘Good Grief’. With the exceptions of the very loud end of the track it’s clean vocals that are in the centre of things. The song’s changes between calmer moments and moderate paced outbursts before it ‘explodes’ during the last 30 seconds.

‘So What?’ was recorded in the band’s own studio Sleeps Audio and it is their own small label Sleeps Brothers that releases the album.  And with all that ‘Sleeps’ involved the album is the opposite of a sleepy piece of music. ‘So What?  became an extremely energetic and dynamic album that combines the best of metalcore and melody. ‘So What?’ is fire on all cylinders which will be appreciated by metalheads and it has enough singalong moments which opens things up for a wider group of fans of rock music.



  1. Anti-Social
  2. I’ve Seen it All
  3. Inspire
  4. So What
  5. The Guilty Party
  6. Haunt Me
  7. Elephant
  8. Set You Free
  9. Good Grief
  10. Back of My Mind
  11. Gates of Paradise

Label: Spinefarm Records

Genre: Melodic Metalcore

Release Date EU: March 1st, 2019



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