CD review IRON SAVIOR ‘Kill or Get Killed’

(8/10) Fans of Teutonic metal can positively look forward to March, the month when German metal veterans Iron Savior will release their newest album. It’s entitled ‘Kill or Get Killed’ and it’s the bands 11th full-length studio record.

Band leader Piet Sielck started the band in 1996 together with no less than Kai Hansen and Thomen Stauch, the first being a real icon in German metal and the second being the drummer of Blind Guardian at the time.

Between then and now things evolved and also line-up changes had to be faced. What stayed with Sielck and his bandmates though is the enthusiasm about traditional metal in the spirit of the NWoBHM. It demands a lot of willpower to keep a band up and running for such a long time and having a dozen of longplayers in the discography also means that there’s a rock solid fan base that appreciate Iron Savior’s riff power.

‘Kill or Get Killed’ comprises of ten new songs and a cover version. The latter is AC/DC’s ‘Sin City’ which is interpreted very well. The other ten songs live up to expectations fully. Iron Savior remains true to oneself and focus on what they are best at – playing powerful and faster metal that reminds of bands like Judas Priest. If you are familiar with the earlier releases you can also predict the sound of ‘Kill or Get Killed’. What could be interpreted as boring is in this case more a kind of welcomed consistency. I don’t think that anybody expected the band to come up with major changes. This album is about the raw power of Teutonic metal and that’s exactly what you get.

In case you’re looking for uncompromising traditional heavy metal that doesn’t take any prisoners, it is this album you should go for. These songs include a headbanging-guarantee.



  1. Kill or Get Killed
  2. Roaring Thunder
  3. Eternal Quest
  4. From Dust and Ruble
  5. Sinner or Saint
  6. Stand Up and Fight
  7. Heroes Ascending
  8. Never Stop Believing
  9. Until We Meet Again
  10. Legends of Glory
  11. Sin City (AC/DC-Cover)

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: March 8th, 2019



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