CD review ROTTING CHRIST ‘The Heretics’

(8/10) Greek metal veterans Rotting Christ can look back on a long history in metal. The endeavor began in 1987 in Athens. The debut escaped from the abyss in 1993 and step by step the quartet managed to increase their fanbase. Rotting Christ never had the big breakthrough but it’s the constant evolvement of their music that brought more and more fans to their bandcamp.

More than three decades in metal the guys from Athens release a new longplayer, their 13th to date. ‘The Heretics’ features eleven dark anthems that are in contrary to sunny Greece. The first thing that‘s remarkable with ‘The Herectics’  dense sound, done by Sakis Tolis (production) and Jens Borgren (mix and mastering).

Secondly the album is built on a lot of experience, leading to an ease when it comes to songwriting and recording. It feels like the band followed their inspiration and creativity without looking for trends or hypes. The eleven songs that made it on this longplayer are authentic and well-crafted.

The dramatic opener ‘In the Name of God’ is an excellent choice since it sets the gloomy frame of the album. Furthermore there are tunes like ‘I Believe’, being slightly different from the rest. Spoken word shine on a constantly repeated musical pattern, which sounds like an exciting musical experiment. I guess it even gains in intensity if you understand the Greek language.

The heavy pounding ‘Fire God and Fear’ is another peak on an album that doesn’t know weak spots. The song also includes a statement that couldn’t be more relevant these days and doesn’t leave a lot of space for interpretation: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”. 

‘The Heretics’ is an excellent symbiosis of heaviness, darkness, melody and melancholy. This album blossoms in black, a dark beauty you shouldn’t miss.



1. In the name of God
2. Vetry Zlye (ВЕТРЫ ЗЛЫЕ)
3. Heaven & Hell & Fire
4. Hallowed be thy name
5. Dies Irae
6. I believe (ΠΙΣΤΕΥΩ)
7. Fire God and Fear
8. The Voice of the Universe
9. The New Messiah
10. The Raven

Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Dark Metal

Release Date EU: February 15th, 2019



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