CD review HEXVESSEL ‘All Tree’

(8/10) Hexvessel is the brainchild of Mat ‘Kvohst’ McNerney. The musician, that was born and raised in the UK, played in various metal bands before he moved to Finland, his new home.

Inspired by the Finnish heritage and pagan past, McNerney founded Hexvessel, a folk rock outfit that premiered in 2011 with ‘Dawnbearer’. Eight years later it’s the new longplayer ‘All Tree’ that will be the next delight for fans a rock-based folk with a Northern touch.

The circumstances of how the new album was created could be much more inspiring. Mc Nerney wrote the songs for ‘All Tree’ in his summerhouse in the Finnish wilderness, a scenery that reminded the band leader of his youth in Ireland.

Myth and nature unit on ‘All Tree’, an album that breathes the spirit of nature. It’s as if fables would have gotten a musical companion with songs that even includes the sound of chirping birds, like in the soulful ‘A Sylvan Sign’.

‘All Tree’, that’s a well-done continuation of a band that captures the beauty of nature in their songs. Hexvessel, that’s not about riffpower and aggression. This album gives a restless mind and soul a break, a moment to take a deep breath in a hectic world around us.



  1. Blessing
  2. Son Of The Sky
  3. Old Tree
  4. Changeling
  5. Ancient Astronaut
  6. Visions Of A.O.S.
  7. A Sylvan Sign
  8. Wilderness Spirit
  9. Otherworld Envoy
  10. Birthmark
  11. Journey To Carnac
  12. Liminal Night
  13. Closing Circles

Label: Century Media

Genre: Folk Rock

Release Date EU: February 15th, 2019



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