CD review WRETCH ‘Man or Machine’

(7/10) Baseball fans know Cleveland since it’s the home of the Cleveland Indians. Non-baseball fans might know the baseball team due to the movie from the eighties and metal fans know the city, because of its vital metal scene.

One metallic ambassador, hailing from there, is Wretch. The quintet has already two albums on their track record and longplayer number three is ready to be shipped. ‘Man or Machine’ is the next strike of this powerhouse, and comprises of ten songs.

The core of the album is placed in the second half of this release. ‘The Inquisition Trilogy’ is the three-run walk-off  homerun at the end of the album. Next to this highlight it’s songs like ‘Steeler’ being a powerful axe attack the oldschool way. Oldschool means for Wretch picking up the vibe of the earlier days and transfer it into the here and now. The title track, as one example, clearly takes its inspiration from the second half of the ’80s while still offering a contemporary sound.

Wretch added a well-done metal record to their discography, an album that will be loved by fans of rough power metal with a stronger US metal touch. And sticking to the baseball link … listening to this album helps to bridge the waiting time until opening day.



  1. Man or Machine
  2. Destroyer of Worlds
  3. Schwarzenberg
  4. Steeler
  5. Strike Force One
  6. Requiem Aeternam
  7. The Inquisitor Trilogy Part I: Castle Black
  8. The Inquisitor Trilogy Part II: The Inquisitor
  9. The Inquisitor Trilogy Part III: Fire, Water, Salt and Earth
  10. Man or Machine (Acoustic)

Label: Pure Steel Records

Genre: Power Metal

Release Date EU: March 15th, 2019



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