CD review IMPERIA ‘Flames of Eternity’

(7/10) ‘Flames of Eternity’ is Imperia’s fifth album, featuring 11 new songs and a piano version of ‘Mother’.  The quartet with band members from various countries has its roots in the early 2000th. Imperia is the brainchild of singer Helena Michaelsen, being the drivers of the band that also includes Steve Wolz, Gerry Verstreken and Jan Yrlund. This line-up is a very stable one, which allows the band to write songs with continuity and blind faith.

Imperia premiered in 2004 with ‘The Ancient Dance of Qetesch’ while it’s ‘Flames of Eternity’ being the newest addition to the offer. As not expected differently the album comprises of tunes with a gothic vibe and symphonic expression. Imperia’s sound isn’t about minimization and it’s not puristic either. It’s the big soundscapes and the symphonic elements that creates density and a dramatic atmosphere.

Basically there’s all right with ‘Flames of Eternity’ and none of the songs is a loss. On the other hand I also must say that none of the tracks is a real wow either. The great skills of the involved musicians, delivering good quality, balances some missing extra spices. The longplayer and its songs stay very much in the known and it’s the final punch that’s missing. Some more edges would have helped songs like ‘Otherside’ to overcome predictability.

To sum up: Imperia’s new album contains well-crafted songs that lack the final punch, the secret ingredients that makes it stand out from all the other bands in this genre. ‘Flames of Eternity’ – a good album and a bit of a missed opportunity too.



  1. The Scarred Soul
  2. Fear Is an Illusion
  3. Unspoken Words
  4. Book of Love
  5. Blinded
  6. Invisible Tears
  7. Otherside
  8. Beauty Within
  9. My Guardian Angel
  10. The Ocean
  11. A Crying Heart
  12. Mother (Piano Version)

Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Release Date EU: February 22nd, 2019



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