CD review CHROME DIVISION ‘One Last Ride’

(9/10) ‘One Last Ride’ says it all. Chrome Division embarks on the last ride, closing a 15 years trip in rock’n’roll. But before reaching the final destination the band starts the roaring engines for the last time. 

Preparing for the final ride wasn’t a too easy thing. Frontman Shady Blue left the powerhouse and a replacer was fortunately close by. No less than the band’s first frontman Eddie Guz rejoined and things become full circle.

The “doomsday riders” prepare for the final ride with an intro entitled ‘Return From the Wasteland’. It’s a western movie-like sequence that leads to ‘So Fragile’. The pumping rocker sets the tone of voice for this last strike of Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir) and band. 

What’s great with this album is the fact that each of the tracks is catchy and shows the band’s sense for good hooks. However, Chrome Division doesn’t use a cookie-cutter approach which manifests itself in songs like the gloomy ‘You are Dead to Me’ with some Type O Negative moments in the chorus.

The album doesn’t know any downer. Each of the 12 songs on this final record is a dirty rock’n’roll anthem with songs like the dark and grooving ‘The Call’ being a real smasher. Other great songs are ‘I’m on Fire Tonight’ and here it’s nomen et omen. This fast-paced track shows a band that’s on fire and it is ‘Walk Away in Shame’ that shows a bit of a different approach. The good time rocker includes with pop singer Misssela a guest, sharing vocal parts with Eddie Guz. The very different voices of this duo harmonize really well and it is a well-done sidestep from the known.

Last but not least it’s the dramatic and cinematic closer ‘Towards the Unknown’ that ends with the sound of strong engines slowly disappearing. You can easily imagine  the picture of a bunch of bikes riding towards the sunset.

‘One Last Ride’ leaves fans with a mixed feeling. The album is great and a joyful rock’n’roll experience. This four-piece band rocks from start to end. It’s a sad moment though since ‘One Last Ride’ is the final curtain that falls and the infernal engines get silent after 15 years in rock. 





  1. Return From The Wastelands
  2. So Fragile
  3. Walk Away In Shame
  4. Back In Town
  5. You Are Dead To Me
  6. The Call
  7. I’m On Fire Tonight
  8. Staying Until The End
  9. This One Is Wild
  10. One Last Ride
  11. We Drink
  12. Towards The Unkown


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: November 16th, 2018

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