CD review EINHERJER ‘Norrøne Spor’

(7/10) Norwegian Vikings Einherjer managed to navigate their Viking metal band through all ups and some down in metal with records like ‘Dragons of the North’ being an icon in their discography.

This November the band embarked on a new journey with a new album entitled ‘Norrøne Spor’. Ten new songs plus the Motörhead cover ‘Deaf Forever’ ended up on the tracklist, the latter being done really well. 

As with the earlier releases, it’s the Norwegian heritage that also frames the new album from a lyrical perspective. Each of the new songs in itself is a very well-crafted anthem from the North. The steady and powerful working rhythm section provides an excellent beat for the Vikings, a pattern for rowing at a constant speed. Sometimes tempo gets increased, like partly with ‘Spre Vingene’ while the Nordic mythology shows its dark blossoms in the almost seven minutes epos ‘Av Djupare Røtter’. 

With all the greatness that comes from the North, there is a certain lengthiness connected to the album. Einherjer stays a bit too much in the usual mid-pace pattern and even the cover version of ‘Deaf Forever’ fits into this context. Increasing speed, like in ‘Spre Vingene’ would have been a good thing to do since it would have added additional power and twists.

Besides that, ‘Norrøne Spor’ became a solid release and fans of the band will like what they get offered.





  1. The Spirit of a Thousand Years
  2. Mine Våpen Mine Ord
  3. Fra Konge Te Narr
  4. Kill the Flame
  5. Mot Vest
  6. Spre Vingene
  7. The Blood Song
  8. Døden Tar Ingen Fangar
  9. Tapt Uskyld
  10. Av Djupare Røtter
  11. Deaf Forever



Label: Indie Recordings

Genre: Viking Metal

Release Date EU: November 9th, 2018

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