DVD review RAY WILSON ‘Ray Wilson ZDF@Bauhaus’

(8/10) Ray Wilson became well-known by a wider audience during the 90’s when he, together with Stiltskin, had with ‘Inside’ a real hit. Unfortunately, things cooled down for Stiltskin as a band, but their frontman Ray Wilson started into an impressive career in rock music. 

Wilson joined legendary Genesis and it is his voice that enriches the last Genesis album ‘Calling All Stations’.  Although Stiltskin and Genesis opened doors for Wilson it is his solo career that’s the most impressive piece of work.

It was in 2002 when Wilson started together with his brother Steve and Amanda Lyon at the Edinburgh International festival with 12 sold-out acoustic shows. This was the beginning of a journey that blossoms to date and certainly even beyond. 

Ray Wilson must love being on the road. If you ever had a look on Wilson’s touring calendar you are impressed by the number of shows he plays. One of these concerts took place at the legendary Bauhaus in Dessau and it’s the intimate atmosphere that reminds of the MTV unplugged series.

The concert was played in April this year and was built on a 14 songs setlist. The show reflected all eras of Ray Wilson, with songs from his solo albums ‘Change’, Chasing Rainbows’ and ‘The Next Best Thing’. These pearls are combined with a soulful version of great Genesis songs, like ‘Follow Me, Follow You’ and ‘Mama’. Last but not least it is the mentioned ‘Inside’ that was presented in a rocking acoustic version that’s touching.

The show was filmed, was broadcasted in parts on 3SAT in May this year and is now available as DVD/Blu-Ray in its entirety. This release is a perfect compilation of Ray Wilson’s musical achievements, performed at a special place in front of enthusiastic fans. This release covers the essence of rock without any frills and distraction. Pure rock music in high class.





  1. Change
  2. Sarah
  3. Follow You Follow Me
  4. Lemon Yellow Sun
  5. That’s All
  6. Take It Slow
  7. Alone
  8. Solsbury Hill
  9. Along the Way
  10. No Son of Mine
  11. Wait for Better Days
  12. Another Day
  13. Inside
  14. Mama


Label: Jaggy D

Genre: Acoustic/Unplugged

Release Date EU: October 5th, 2018





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