CD review AXXIS ‘Monster Hero’

(8/10) Is there anybody out there that expects major adjustments to Axxis’ sound? Probably not. ‘Monster Hero’ is Axxis 15th studio album and bandleaders Bernhard Weiss and Harry Öllers continue with what the band is best in – catchy melodic rock songs that are built on Weiss unique vocals and Öllers’ catchy keyboard sound.

‘Monster Hero’ comes with 12 songs that feature all the Axxis trademarks. It feels like time would have stood still since 1989 when the guys unveiled ‘Kingdom of the Night’. It looks like Axxis found the success formula of not moving too much with their sound and still release exciting albums. It’s hard to resist these hooks and well-crafted melodies, represented in songs like ‘Firebird’ and ‘Love is Gonna Get You Killed’. These anthemic moments are spiced-up by faster songs of which the uptempo ‘Glory of the Brave’ is one of.

‘Monster Hero’ doesn’t include any bad song and the only downer is the poor artwork. But since this release is about music and no about an art masterclass the packaging isn’t the relevant factor. Axxis wrote great songs and they still do. If you’re looking for 48 minutes of solid melodic metal that includes a positive party vibe, it’s ‘Monster Hero’ you should check out.





  1. Monster Hero 4:03
  2. Living As Outlaws 3:33
  3. Rock Is My Religion 4:08
  4. Love Is Gonna Get You Killed 3:59
  5. Glory Of The Brave 3:24
  6. Make Me Fight 3:47
  7. Gonna Be Tough 3:37
  8. Firebird 3:29
  9. We Are Seven 4:14
  10. Give Me Good Times 4:45
  11. All I Want Is Rock 4:29
  12. The Tragedy Of Mr. Smith 4:42


Label: Phonetraxx Publishing

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: October 5th, 2018


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