CD review TERROR ‘Total Retaliation’

(8/10) A hardcore album never reaches epic length and also Terror‘s new longplayer is no exception. 

The quintet from Los Angels, CA started in 2002 and grew over time to one of the most impactful bands in American hardcore. Over the last 15 years it feels like Terror not losing any strength or power. The new album ‚Total Retaliation‘ is a sonic punch in the gut. It‘s a hard hit with power that comes from the hardcore aggressiveness, the metallic riff power and the anarchic punk vibe. 

Terror picks it up where they left with the fabulous ‚The 25th Hour‘. It‘s angry hardcore you get offered by ‚Total Retaliation‘, boiled down its essence.  

‘This World Never Wanted Me’ is a surprisingly slow, but intensive start into the album. A simple, but effective riff kicks-off the record, combined with Scott Vogel shouting „I know the pain you feel…“. One thing is already obvious at this early stage; Terror is still pissed off about the current social and political situation, which they express with lyrical statements and heavy music. 

The first three songs represent the album very well. ‚Mental Demolition“ is a fast and raging hardcore anthem, while the strong bass line of ‚Get Off My Back‘ shows a merciless groove that‘s weaved into each of the thirteen songs. 

The most unusual moment on ‚Total Retaliation‘ is the ‚Post Armageddon Interlude‘. Terror wrote and recorded a short rap song that is a distraction and still fits perfectly into the context of the album.  

‚Total Retaliation‘ is a continuation of what started 17 years ago. Terror sticks to their established sound and trademarks, which makes it easy for fans to dive into these 30 minutes of essential hardcore. This album is an uncompromising release of a veteran hardcore powerhouse that belongs to the major league of hardcore. 





  1. This World Never Wanted Me 
  2. Mental Demolition 
  3. Get Off My Back 
  4. One More Enemy 
  5. Break The Lock 
  6. In Spite Of These Times 
  7. Total Retaliation 
  8. Post Armageddon Interlude 
  9. Spirit Of Sacrifice
  10. I Don’t Know You 
  11. Behind The Bars 
  12. Suffer The Edge Of The Lies 
  13. Resistant To The Changes 


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Hardcore

Release Date EU: September 28th, 2018

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