CD review BLACKFIELD ‘Open Mind – The Best of Blackfield’

(*/10) Blackfield is the moniker of a musical collaboration of two highly creative minds. Aviv Geffen and Steven Wilson began their cooperation in the early 2000th with a debut that was revealed in 2004. The latest studio release dates back to 2017 when Blackfield launched the ‘Blackfield V’ album, which was, how should it be different, the fifth studio album. 

‘Open Mind – The Best of Blackfield’ is the summary of these five albums and a great compilation feturing excellent rock music. From the early ‘Blackfield’ milestones to the latest highlights like ‘Family Man’ and ‘October’ the album provides a very good overview of all musical achievements of this genius musical pair.

The album doesn’t contain much new for fans more than that it’s an interesting release for collectors. For fans of good rock music, that missed Blackfield till now, this collection provides a great overview of what happened and can act as a starting point into the world of Backfield.





  1. Blackfield  
  2. Family Man 
  3. Open Mind 
  4. 1,000 People 
  5. Oxygen 
  6. Hello
  7. Once 
  8. How Was Your Ride? 
  9. Waving 
  10. From 44 to 48 Pain 
  11. October 
  12. Faking
  13. Dissolving With The Night 
  14. End Of The World 



Genre: Prog Rock

Release Date EU: September 28th, 2018




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