CD review OMNIUM GATHERUM ‘The Burning Cold’

(8/10) Finnish metallers Omnium Gatherum didn’t sit around doing nothing during the last years. After having released the well-acclaimed ‘Grey Heavens’ album in 2016, the sextet went on tour and afterwards back to the studio for recording their eight longplayer.

‘The Burning Cold’ will be unleashed late August this year and it might become the Northern breeze that swipes away the European summer heat. Signs look pretty good since the album comprises of eleven melodic death metal songs that represent good musical craftsmanship.

The new album is the first one the band releases after having inked a deal with Century Media. This new collaboration can be the springboard for Omnium Gatherum to take a next step. Next to the new label there is more to report. The album is also the first one with the band’s new drummer Tuomo Latvala. After having heard ‘The Burning Cold’ several times I can clearly conclude that the changes benefited the band and their sound.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Finnish powerhouse, which also didn’t change after I saw them live when they shared the stage with Dark Tranquillity. But that was the past. The here and now is much better than what I expected when I received the album. There is no real filler on the record that starts with a short instrumental entitled ‘The Burning’. What follows is the infernal ‘Gods Go First’. It’s a speedy track with furious leads. These filigree guitar parts are in contrast with the harsh vocals and the catchy melodies, which are weaved into ‘The Burning’. This song describes the general pattern of the album in a good way.

Pace varies a bit which increases the arc of suspense. ‘Rest in Your Heart’ is a hymn that’s keep in a more moderate pace, reflecting the Northern folk background before ‘Over the Battlefield’ shifts gears again. Sometimes songs of ‘The Burning Cold’ reminded me partly of bands like Amon Amarth, especially when speed rises. Other songs, like ‘Be the Sky’ made me think about Amorphis. These type of songs are still heavy, but do also include more of the atmospheric moment also.

To sum up: ‘The Burning Cold’ is Omnium Gatherum’s best longplayer to date. The album combines heaviness and melody to a great total that is worth to check out, even if you weren’t the biggest fan of the Finnish band so far.





  1. The Burning 
  2. Gods Go First 
  3. Refining Fire 
  4. Rest in Your Heart 
  5. Over The Battlefield 
  6. The Fearless Entity 
  7. Be the Sky 
  8. Driven By Conflict 
  9. The Frontline 
  10. Planet Scale 
  11. Cold 


Label: Century Media

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date EU: August 31st, 2018

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