CD review MAD MAX ’35’

(8/10) I have to admit that I’m always looking forward to a new Mad Max album with full excitement. It was their fourth album, ‘Night of Passion’, that put a spell on me and since then new longplayers by Michael Voss’ melodic metal outfit always have been a delight. Nothing changed when I heard about ‘35’, the newest strike of the German metal veterans.

Eleven songs in total made it on the tracklist. One of them, the closer ‘Paris is Burning’, is a cover version. The well-known Dokken classic is newly interpreted by Mad Max and was approved by no less than Don Dokken himself. The quartet did a great job with this cover version, a song that also shows where Mad Max’ main source of inspiration sits.

Photo: Steamhammer (Promo)

But let’s go from end to start. It’s an intro entitled ‘The Hutch’ that kicks-off the album, followed by the first melodic metal anthem on the album. ‘Running to Paradise’ has a bit of a Maiden-esque beginning before the songs takes a turn into a catchy, but heavy tune that works perfectly to get everybody into the right mood.

I mentioned already ‘Night of Passion’ and a song that comes closer to those days in the late 80’s is ‘Beat of the Heart’. Both songs are about the heartbeat of life and act as a lively heartbeat for the two albums. Furthermore the release contains everything you could wish for. Faster rockers like ‘D.A.M.N.’ are present, pounding smashers such as ‘Thirty 5’ spread pleasure and it’s ‘False Freedom’ that comes with a rock solid groove.

‘35’ is Mad Max’s 12th studio record and an end doesn’t seem to be near. More than three decades in music didn’t slow down the Münster-based quartet. Mad Max seems to be a matter of heart for its four members and this is what makes the music on’35’ authentic and real. I hope you can enjoy the album as much as I do.





  1. The Hutch
  2. Running to Paradise
  3. Beat of My Heart
  4. D.A.M.N.
  5. Snowdance
  6. Thirty 5
  7. Already Gone
  8. False Freedom
  9. Goodbye to You
  10. Rocky Road
  11. Paris is Burning


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: August 11th, 2018


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