CD review SKELETONWITCH ‘Devouring Radiant Light’

(8/10) Athens, Ohio based Skeletonwitch released their sixth album end of July this year. ‘Devouring Radiant Light’ is the band’s first release in five years and it shows a shift that happened over during this time.

The first thing that’s new is the singer. Adam Clemans joined Skeletonwitch in 2016 and the new album is the first one with him being responsible for vocals. Something that can’t be seen entirely disconnected is the development the band when it comes to their sound. While the roots are attached to death-/thrash metal, it’s the new album that adds some black metal element to the mix. Secondly the band wrote far more atmospheric songs than what could be expected.

This development might snub fans from the early days of Skeletonwitch, but I must say that the new sound fits very well to the quartet from Ohio. With a hoarsly voice Celamns finds his way through songs like ‘When Paradise Fades’ in a terrific way and it’s the combination with the atmospheric vibe that makes things exciting far a larger group of metalhead.

Photo: Nico Poalillo

The epic moments of the new Skeletonwitch release also manifests itself in ‘The Vault’. With eight minutes of length that tune is by far the longest on the album. The calm but oppressive start spreads some peacefulness, if there wouldn’t be the evil undertone. Along the way ‘The Vault’ builds up and becomes a blackened epos in metal. This song wows, no doubt.

In case you want things a bit shorter and to the point it is ‘Carnarium Eternal’ you should check out. The song the a berserk one that feels like a slap into your face.

‘Devouring Radiant Light’ is an album that showcases a band in transition. Skeltonwitch’s newest strike is a bolt one. The album opens up the band and there sound for a larger group of metalheads without running the risk of becoming mainstream. This longplayer is a genre-briding one with eight songs that are all little highglights in todays metal world.





  1. Fen of Shadows
  2. When Paradise Fades
  3. Temple of the Sun
  4. Devouring Radiant Light
  5. The Luminous Sky
  6. The Vault
  7. Carnarium Eternal
  8. Sacred Soil


Label: Prosthetic Records

Genre: Blackened Death Metal

Release Date EU: July 20th, 2018



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