CD review MANTICORA ‘To Kill To Live To Kill’

(6/10) Manticora’s lead singer Lars F. Larsen isn’t only a vocalist, he’s also a writer who took care about the storyline that builds the base for the band’s new album ‘To Kill To Live To Kill’. It’s a horror story he wrote and it’s spread over two albums of which the first one will be available on August 3rd.

There was some radio silence when it comes to Manticora. The Danish metal powerhouse released their latest longplayer ‘Safe’ in 2010 and since then the band went through some rougher times, still being present with some live shows at bigger festivals. Line-up changes needed to be handled in these years, a time Larsen used to write a 319 pages novel that is the conceptual base for the newest album.

The classic intro ‘Concerto No1 in B-flat’ starts the album and is followed by the energetic ‘Echoes of a Silent Scream’. Manticora’s first song on the album doesn’t take any prisoners. It’s a raging and rather complex metal attack that needs some time to grow. What struck me though is the sound. Especially the drums sound partly ‘muddy’. That surprises even more knowing that there was no less than Jacob Hansen at the helm. Maybe it’s the promo version I received as a base for the review that includes this sound, but here it’s a real distraction.

The bad sound is even more of a pity considering the songs that are not too bad. Aggressiveness, melody and complexity are combined in a good fashion, supporting each other instead of competing. Some of the instrumental parts could have been kept a bit more spot-on, but at the end the result is a positive one. Songs like the uptempo ‘Humiliation Supreme’ are furious and wild, belonging to the highlights of the album. What’s more from the shelf is the dramatic ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’. The half-ballad with its piano parts doesn’t add that much more to the offer and feels like ‘having heard before’.

I think that the album, with a better sound, would have scored a seven, maybe even an eight, but the undifferentiated sound gave me a hard time to listen to the album for start to end and leads to a deduction of at least one point. More than a solid ‘6’ isn’t what this album can achieve.





  1. Piano Concerto 1 – B Flat minor…!
  2. Echoes of a Silent Scream!
  3. Through the Eyes of The Killer – Towering Over You!
  4. Katana – Awakening the Lunacy!
  5. The Farmer’s Tale Pt. 1 – The Aftermath of Indifference!
  6. The Devil in Lisbon (instrumental)!
  7. Growth!
  8. Humiliation Supreme (instrumental)!
  9. Nothing Lasts Forever!
  10. Katana – Opium!
  11. Through the Eyes of The Killer – Revival of The Muse That Is Violence!
  12. The Farmer’s Tale Pt. 2 – Annihilation at the Graves!


Label: ViciSolum Productions

Genre: Progressive Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: August 3rd, 2018

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