CD review SINSAENUM ‘Repulsion for Humanity’

(9/10) ‘Repulsion for Humanity’ is the second strike of supergroup Sinsaenum. The band started in 2016 and is a collaboration of musicians, known from other pretty successful extreme metal bands. Drummer Joey Jordison is known from his days with Slipknot. Next to the drummer the band consist of two growlers/shouters. Attila Csihar (Mayhem) is one of them, sharing the vocal duties with Sean Zatorsky (Daath, ex-Chimaira). Guitar power is added by Frederic Leclercq and Stephane Buriez and it’s bassist Heimoth who adds the groove to Sinsaenum songs.

After two EP’s in 2016 the all-star band debut the same year with ‘Echoes of the Tortured’. Another EP, ‘Ashes’, shortened the waiting time for the new album, which will hit the shelves on August 10th. Sinsaenum sophomore record ‘Repulsion for Humanity’ features eleven new songs and provides more than an hour of exquisite metal, fusing black and death metal.

‘Repulsion for Humanity’ picks it up where the band ended with the debut. It’s again a well-done combination of black metal and death metal that gets out of the speakers. Combined with a portion of thrash, the final outcome is a divers and varied metal release. Sinsaenum music is extreme in one or another way. The benefit though is that there is enough musical savvy weaved into each of the songs to get them interesting enough for fans of more traditional metal also. The double, “Sworn to Hell’ and ‘I Stand Alone’ are quite good examples that underline the mentioned. Both tracks are slower paced, come with a lot of intensity and it’s the gloomy vibe that gives you the shivers, regardless what musical background you come from.

Next to these more moderate songs there are the raging ones. The title track, which also opens the album, is one of them. The band decided not to take prisoners with a song that’s a musical punch into your face. Another tune that’s done without a foot on the break is ‘Nuit Noire’ which comes a bit further down the tracklist.

However, I like the moments when Sinsaenum reduces tempo. Tracks like ‘Insects’ are hymns, build on some creepy energy that doesn’t leave you cold.  Another track I also want to mention is the closer. ‘Forsaken’ is the by far longest track on the album. With more than eight minutes ‘Forsaken’ shows Sinsaenum level of creativity. The band crafted a real masterpiece. Gloominess dominates throughout and it feels like the tune opening the gates to the underworld. To add another dimension to the tune Sinsaenum included some calmer section. This benefits the level of suspense as well as it make the heavy parts even heavier.

The debut was already a good album but it’s ‘Repulsion for Humanity’ that’s even better. If you missed the band so far, which I actually can’t imagine, than this is the moment you should start to pay attention to Sinsaenum. Evilness seldom sounded better.





  1. Repulsion for Humanity
  2. Final Resolve
  3. Sworn to Hell
  4. I Stand Alone
  5. Rise of the Light Bearer
  6. Manifestation of Ignorance
  7. Sacred Martyr
  8. My Swan Song
  9. Nuit Noire
  10. Insects
  11. Forsaken


Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Black/Death Metal

Release Date EU: August 10th, 2018

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