SOEN announces ‘Lykaia Revisited’

Swedish quintet Soen released their latest album ‘Lykaia’ in 2017 and it’s this fall that the band will launch a renewed version of their third longplayer. ‘Lykaia Revisited’ will be unleashed in a remastered edition on September 14th and will feature a new artwork and three live songs.


  1. Sectarian
  2. Orison
  3. Lucidity
  4. Opal
  5. Jinn
  6. Sister
  7. Stray
  8. Paragon
  9. Vitriol
  10. God’s Acre
  11. Sectarian Live (Live in Lisbon)
  12. Jinn (Live in Lisbon)*
  13. Lucidity Live (Live in Rome)

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